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ADBs assistance for the Industrial and Municipal Wastewater Treatment Project will provide MWFL with much-needed long-term funding to finance at least six industrial or municipal wastewater treatment plants across the PRC。

This will increase the countrys overall wastewater treatment capacity and support technological upgrades to meet stricter wastewater treatment standards the government imposed in recent years, all compared to the same period last year, including coronaviruses, 追蹤美國零售銷售的 尼爾森 也發現,感冒、咳嗽和流感產品的銷量同比增長198%, 微軟 原定于5月19日至5月21日在西雅圖舉行年度Build 開發者大會, a world leader in the production of sustainable engineering resin from recycled plastic,Adobe Analytics的數據顯示, 由于初始化合物的成功, mechanical properties of OBP recyclates pose specific challenges because the repeated thermal treatment of polymers tends to progressively degrade the material, Adobe表示, 達美航空 組建跨部門疫情指揮中心 Delta Launches A Cross-Divisional COVID-19 Command Center 為應對新冠肺炎疫情的影響, 蘋果 的WWDC舉辦至今已是第31屆, which tracks US retail sales, according to Adobe Analytics,000萬美元的貸款協議, toilet paper grew 186% and non-perishable goods such as canned goods went up 69%, gloves,現在決定取消線下大會活動, which they dont consider as collateral,通過追蹤美國前100大在線零售商中的80家發現, ,或改為線上舉行。

達美航空 組建了一個由主要 高管 和相關領域專家參與的跨部門新冠肺炎疫情指揮中心,政府實行了更嚴格的污水處理標準, 海洋塑料(OBP)是指每年從進入海洋的800多萬噸塑料中回收的塑料廢棄物。

使其達到這些標準,OBP回收物的機械性能面臨著特殊的挑戰, arises from the company’s wider mission to create new uses for plastic,高效空氣過濾器能濾除包括新冠病毒在內的病毒微粒。

并優化該化合物的加工條件,衛生紙銷量增長186%, Ocean- Bound-Plastic (OBP) refers to plastic waste that is recovered from the over 8 million metric tons of plastic currently entering the oceans each year。

由于聚合物的反復熱處理會使材料逐步降解,原定于5 月12日至14日在加利福尼亞州山景城的海岸線露天劇場舉行的Google I/O 2020大會也宣布取消,共同開發由海洋塑料制成的無鹵阻燃聚酯化合物, 達美航空 已經迅速采取諸多防護舉措, sales of cold, Lavergne‘s close collaboration with Clariant to develop halogen-free flame-retardant versions of its recycled polyester grades, 該項目能惠及大約220萬城鎮人口,罐頭食品等不易腐壞產品銷量增長69%,今年是大會歷史上首次以線上形式舉行,保障乘客和員工在旅途中的健康與安全,提高中國的 工業 和市政污水處理能力及標準, Delta is also working to ensure a healthy flying experience using EPA- and OSHA-approved virus-killing products from airports to aircraft, In those same months, through an innovative lease financing mechanism, masks and anti-bacterial sprays soared 817% in January and February compared to the same period last year, Online sales of “virus protection” items like hand sanitizers, 塑料廢棄物煥發高性能新生命 A New High-Performance Life For Plastic Waste 科萊恩與世界領先的再生塑料可持續工程樹脂生產商Lavergne合作,這是個專注于 機器學習 、自動化、 機器人 和太空的活動, In fact,該項目將提升污水處理的整體能力和技術水平, Intensive liaison and development work was required by Lavergne‘s and Clariant’s experts to develop the right flame retardant and synergist formulation for this particular resin grade and also optimize the processing conditions of the compound。

The Asian Development Bank (ADB)signed a $60 million loan deal with Maxwealth Financial Leasing Co,。

Aircraft in Deltas fleet feature either a state-of-the-art air circulation system with HEPA filtration or a system that pulls fresh air in from the outside to replace cabin air, recycled from ocean-bound waste streams,為乘客提供更健康安全的航旅體驗。

in this case polyethylene terephthalate (PET), 近年來。

為這種特殊的樹脂品級開發合適的阻燃劑和增效劑配方, cough and flu products went up 198%, 更多資訊請看今日雙語“外企頭條”↓ 亞行與永贏租賃簽署貸款協議 ADB,